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De Terra Collective was founded as an open-sourced platform to make education more accessible for the betterment of the collective. Academia often shrouds emerging ideas in confusing and convoluted jargon, tucked away in academic journals that go largely unread by the public. De Terra Collective hopes to shed light on those ideas, amplifying and highlighting important perspectives on topics such as intersectional environmentalism, the global economy, leadership, and more.


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Julia Feldman graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Environmental Studies in 2019, having researched sustainable fashion and environmental justice in depth. She currently works as the Product Coordinator for the leading outdoor sandal brand in the US, Teva. Her daily work includes creating more opportunities for the brand to incorporate sustainable business practices and materials, as well as working with cross-functional teams to create a product with a lighter footprint (pun intended). She is currently also pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Solutions from Presidio Graduate School.  Julia Feldman founded De Terra Collective in early 2021 as a way to explore the intersections of sustainability and social justice through the lens of fashion and footwear, and quickly realized how important it is to share the knowledge that she was learning. Through interrogating the systemic causes of fast fashion and other current societal structures, we can understand our roles as citizens of the world to collectively address and amend these dilemmas. Ultimately we can imagine and co-create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. 

Maya Chiodo is a fellow UCSB Environmental Studies graduate who moved to the Rockies post-graduation and plans on never leaving. She is an aspiring environmental and outdoor education specialist, hoping to work with teens and young adults on gap year and semester abroad programs. She is obsessed with the Pika, a small but fierce rodent who thrives under glaciers in the Rocky Mountain wilderness

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